Members’ meeting

We had a great time on Thursday night as we gathered to eat lovely food (amazing the variety of things that people make with farm veg!), find out what’s been happening on the farm this year, watch a fascinating film, and encourage each other with the positive impact that our farm has on so many issues of our time.For a flavour of life on the farm for the last season and a bit, have a look at Becca’s presentation membersmeeting2018
We had ups and downs, and she has recorded a lot of both with photos, so do have a look!Also available are Gareth’s slides on the 17/18 financial year. Many thanks go to Ann and Alex for bringing in massive amounts of grant funding, enabling us to employ Hannah during summer ’17, and fund her to attend the Soil Association Future Growers training. Alex beavered away on an Awards for All application which funded lots of new bits of kit, which is making life easier for Becca.
We are indebted as ever to Gareth for keeping our finances in order, and also for the many, many hours he volunteers on the farm. He specialises in weeding, but also provides a steady hand on the tiller, providing wisdom and experience to those of us on the steering group.

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