Five Acre t-shirts, hoodies and bags

2 of the options in t-shirts, there are several more..

For a long time now we have wanted to have Five Acre t-shirts for wearing at events, running stalls etc but we also wanted to consider the environmental effects rather than just using a standard print service. We had various plans to print them ourselves but that involved extra work and time which none of us had. 

Then Teemill was suggested to us, they use organic products, re-newable energy and show you the whole process if you want to see it. They also print on demand which means we don’t have to either get orders in advance or spend out money in the hope we will get it back. 

All this means we are now able to offer everyone the chance to have a Five Acre T-shirt, Hoody, jumper or bag!  There are currently 3 designs, the logo on it’s own, the Local, Seasonal, Organic slogan or both at once.  Different items come in different colours depending what is available and works with the image.

Edie is wearing the logo and slogan on tan and Esther has the slogan one on white in the photo above. The hoodie and bag images are mockups from the website of the logo on its own.

There is no shipping costs from 9am Friday 1st feb till midnight Sunday 3rd of Feb. So order this weekend and save in postage.

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