Covid 19 Action Plan

We will update this as regularly as possible as things change.

Our basic policy is below.

Practical changes for veg share members and the public.

1) Veg collections are back to every week and you pick your own share from the boxes of veg. This is in line with how shops operate and the science shows veg is a very low risk of contact. We advise washing all veg before eating as good practice at any time.

2) A collection time spreadsheet has been implemented so everyone has their own collection slot to minimise queues and only one family at a time is allowed in the collection room. Please bring suitable outdoor clothing if the weather needs it because at this time we have no covered waiting areas.

3) Everyone is asked to wash their hands before entering even when only collecting a bag of veg. Please bring your own towel.

4) Please stay at least 2m away from anyone not in your household, there is plenty of space so this should be possible at all times.

5) Make sure you wait far enough away from the end of the ramp so anyone inside can get out. Waiting at the standpipe or in the seating area is ideal.

6) Please do not rifle through the veg more than is strictly needed to collect your share.

7) Finally, if you are isolating or showing any symptoms of Covid please do not collect your veg, instead please either ask another member who lives close to you to collect for you or contact Esther and we will do our best to find someone who can bring your veg to you from within our community.

8) If you wish to visit for any reason other than veg collection please arrange this in advance so we know numbers on site. This includes any advertised activities which are currently all pre booked. This includes volunteering on a Saturday.

How we are approaching the Covid 19 situation.

  • The Five Acre steering group keeps in contact via email and other means and will keep up to date on current advice to determine changes to the level of risk and assess all new information.
  • We will consider a range of risk which will include medical, social, emotional, financial and reputational threats to members of the farm and the business.
  • We will only act on credible, verifiable information and evidence, not hearsay or rumour.  The farm will follow the directives of the UK Government and all official agencies.
  • The safety and well-being of our members, staff and volunteers will be our paramount consideration in all decisions and mitigation strategies.
  • All changes to normal operation will first be considered in light of the impact on members, volunteers and staff before being implemented.

At this current time, we are implementing the following.

  • All members collecting veg are asked to pick a collection time and stick to it as much as possible to limit queues.
  • We ask that everyone visiting the collection room wash their hands on entering and before collecting any veg using the new standpipe and soap (ie tap on a stick) we have put outside. We are also limiting access to the indoor space to one collection family at a time.
  • Visitors are asked to arrange visits in advance so we can keep a track of expected numbers on site. Any organised activities such as field tours, educational activities and so on will be pre-booked only again to limit numbers and comply with current relevant guidance.
  • All staff, volunteers and visitors are required to respect 2m social distancing at all times unless an emergency or other situation where this is not possible. In such a case extra protection such as masks, gloves etc should be used as appropriate.
  • Any staff or volunteer who has any symptoms which are being defined as potentially Covid 19  to refrain from working at the farm in line with government self-isolation rules.
    Any veg share member or visitor with symptoms or needing to isolate should contact us to re-arrange visits or veg collections, we will accommodate this as much as possible within the limits of our staffing levels.
  • All staff and volunteers are asked to wash their hands on arrival, when returning from the field or other work areas, before eating and at any other sensible point in the day.
  • We consider most of the work we do to be low risk as it is outdoors and either working alone or in very small groups. We can separate out work mornings so each person works at a distance to others.
  • We are spreading volunteer slots across multiple days so that we limit numbers on-site on any one day. Regular volunteers have set days and so work with the same team each week.
  • The main infection risk for staff and volunteers is break time, however, it is still a very minor risk compared to most work environments. Breaks are taken outside if at all possible. If the weather is bad then we have rearranged the indoor break area so that several people can use it while being 2m apart and if needed breaks will be staggered.
  • We are planning in case any staff member becomes ill or needs to self isolate and in particular how we will cover the growing in this situation.
  • We are a community and we see this as a time to pull together and consider all those within our community especially those who may be at more risk.

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