Early spuds are in….

Today on the Saturday work morning we planted the early spuds (Maris Bard) after making the ridges during the week (sorry about the quality of the pic below but the camera settings were rearranged during all the excitement). Hopefully this means we will get some new potatoes in late June to July . Over the next week or so we need to get the second early potatoes in (variety Milva) and get all our onion sets in so if you can lend a hand on either Tuesday or next Saturday (10th and 14th April respectively) come along. We also need to sow some more brassicas and other plants in modules.

The other good news is that  we have a new grower, Susan, who can start towards the end of the month so we will have someone who take charge of us all and keep things moving forwards towards being able to get the first shares out in June.

Planting early spuds

Planting the earlies (variety Maris Bard)

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