Frosty Mornings

As you kale1can imagine at this time of year it can be quite nippy on the field, however it can also be very beautiful as these photos of various type of Kale show.





Kale is a very hardy plant so doesn’t mind the frost, however other plants need to be covered or grown in the polytunnel at this time of year.

kale3Even when it is cold there are still jobs to be done around the farm and before long we will be starting the new season with lots of seed sewing, followed by planting out once the weather warms up.

Of course we still have a few weeks where it could stay cold or even snow but we could also have some really lovely crisp clear days or even some mild ones. This is Britain after all, last winter we only had 2 or 3 frosts all winter!  If you fancy some time outside or possibly in a polytunnel, do consider popping over on a Tuesday or Saturday morning as those are our official work mornings.  There are generally people around on Friday as well as that is when the harvest is done for Saturday.

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