As we come to the end of summer and a special offer.

It’s been a while since we did an update, the summer is always busy with doing events to advertise the farm to get new members and of course growing the veg and weeding, always weeding. Read farther down for a special offer.
The veg has generally been good this year, we had MASSIVE onions compared to the very small ones from last year a combination of planting at the right time, weather and possibly most importantly growing though mipex to keep the weeds at bay has helped a lot.

11855646_800897453364098_5057431368594747074_nWe have also had many many courgettes. Conversely we have had very few peppers and aubergines because we had problems with them going down with something.. I forget the name of it.. you can tell I’m not the grower can’t you !

We have also invested in a new polytunnel, the first one we can truly call our own as all the others we use belong to Garden Organic. This should mean we have more ability to balance the seasons and fingers crossed have less problems in the hungry gap though that is always to some extend dependant on the weather even with polytunnels.

We have had a good few new members and are celebrating the fact we have just had our 150th person sign up to try out the veg or become a member of some type.

To mark this occasion  we are offering 5 weeks for the price of 4 for all new trial members. If anyone wants to join straight away as a long term member they can have a free week too.  As an extra incentive any current member who recommends someone will be entered into a draw for a veg box cook book.  Just get the new person to tell us when they sign up. This offer will run till the end of September 2015 so if you have been considering joining or know a friend who has now is the time to do it.


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