Christmas, the New Year and preserving

New Polytunnel

New Poly-tunnel

As we do the last couple of harvests before the Christmas break we hope you are all enjoying this time of year. We have had quite a lot of rain and in generally it has been pretty warm in the final few weeks of this year though a couple of cold days have reminded us that it is winter. I don’t know about you but I look forward to the coming weeks when the days start to lengthen even though most years it also get colder for a while.

We have an new large polytunnel for this coming year so hopefully this will allow us to grow more things on the margins of the seasons especially in the hungry gap (Apr – May) which those who have been members for a while will know can be a problem depending how the weather treats us.. I half expect it to be perfect growing weather this year like we had in 2013 with the winter veg finishing just as the summer veg comes in just because we have the  extra polytunnel but given this autumn has been so mild some things have flowered which shouldn’t be doing so till spring I think we may need it !

Those of you who are members remember  last collections are 19th Dec/22nd Dec and we restart Jan 9th/jan 12th  depending of course on if you collect on a Saturday or a Tuesday.

The first event of the New Year is our Winter cooking and preserving
event on 14th January. We hope you will join us and the event if open to none members as well as members. We plan to cover things like Lacto- fermentation, such as sauerkraut and Kimchi as well as dehydration, low energy cooking and a few fun kitchen tools some of us enjoy using.   We will also be running a short members meeting on the night just to give the annual report of how we are doing.

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