What is a CSA?

A CSA means that the community shares the risk of the growing with the grower, and the community is able to support the grower by paying him/her. The monthly income from the members also pays for the ‘inputs’ (cost of renting the land, seeds, tools, insurance, help and advice from elsewhere, etc).

In our case the community formed a steering group which takes decisions about the running of the business and the sorts of things that are grown, and those decisions are informed by the views of the members who come together regularly to socialise as well as talk about the sorts of veg they would like to eat, how they would like the farm run, and so on.

We are very fortunate here at Five Acre Community Farm, as we have had support from Garden Organic (on whose land the food is going to be grown); South Warwickshire Local Food (a community interest company under whose umbrella we are starting up); and Canalside Community Food (an established community supported agriculture scheme near Leamington Spa).

We are also keen to make connections with other similar schemes locally and nationally so if you know any other schemes we would happily talk to them and indeed add them to our links page.