Collections and access

Q. How do I collect my veg?

For step-by-step directions, please click here.

Q. The site says we have to collect.­ Is this on a set day and where is it from (the farm?)?

You need to choose if you will pick up on Tuesday or Saturday and stick to that so we know how many people we are harvesting for each day.

Tuesday pick up will be from 2pm to 7pm to allow both daytime and after work collections.

Saturday collection time is from 10am to 2pm to coincide with the work morning.

We have several collection groups where members who live close together share collecting so each person collects all the groups shares every 4-6 weeks. We will always try to find someone a place in a group if they want one or possibly look to start a new one.

Currently all the groups are in Coventry however we have a Rugby co-ordinator who is willing to sort out collections for anyone in the area and we will happily help set up groups else where is there are enough members near each other.

Q. Can you deliver my veg to me?

No but you can collect from Cogs in Coventry Market for a small extra delivery fee.

We will also see if we have a space in a collection group near you if you ask.

We do think that being directly involved with the farm and visiting at least occasionally is an important part of what community supported agriculture is about so we hope everyone will come over at least occasionally.

Q.    What happens if I happen to be on holiday at that time…I assume I just miss my allotted share but could someone else collect on my behalf?

Yes and yes. You can opt to have a friend collect it on your behalf and we recommend that as we have found that once people taste the veg they often consider joining as well. If you don’t have anyone to collect please tell Susan several days in advance so she knows to pick less veg that week.

Q.  Do I need to bring my own bags?

Yes you should bring your own bag or box to carry your veg home in. We are planning to have some reusable bags for sale at a modest cost if you forget but it is your responsibility to bag up your own veg.