Volunteering and work mornings

 Q. You say there are regular work mornings, how long is a morning?

A morning is normally 3 hours. Most work is things such as weeding, planting and harvesting however we do also have a need for volunteers to help in other ways such as advertising, organising social events and so forth so if you would like to help with those sorts of things please do talk to us. Many people find the work mornings are fun and a great way to meet other farm members so please do consider trying it out you might be surprised how much fun you have. We also have a steering group and would welcome other people being involved in that way as well.

Q.  Are children allowed to the work mornings?

Yes we encourage the whole family to join in and regularly have children at work mornings. The kids often enjoy helping in the field and we also have some play equipment for them to use as well as plenty of space and fresh air to enjoy. Even quite young children can start to learn about the veg and how to look after and identify them and are often fascinated by plants, dirt and indeed bugs ! We strongly believe it is important for us all – however young or old – to learn more about where our food comes from and  to get involved in growing so we want to empower everyone to get involved to the best of their ability regardless of age or ability, so if you are 2 or 82 you are all welcome !

However, please remember that parents or guardians are responsible for the children under their care at all times. We like to keep the gate to the field shut, so that children can be free to play on the field, under the watchful eye of their responsible adult, but when they leave the field, please accompany them. Although there are plenty of what look like interesting things to play with, climb on, and so on, the areas to either side of the track are work areas for Garden Organic, so should not be entered.  Also, for everyone’s safety, children need to be accompanied if they are going to the veg collection area, or to the toilet.