Visiting the farm

Q. How do I get to the farm?

For driving directions, click here.

For detailed directions to farm within Ryton Gardens, click here.

Ryton Gardens is on Wolston Lane, between the A45 and Wolston village. Turning into Ryton Gardens, head to the far left of the car park, to the left of all the buildings as you face the entrance to Garden Organic building Park in the car park. In the corner, you will find a big gate. Walk around the gate, head straight up the tarmac road, follow it as it bends round sharp right, and then turn off that left onto a track (if you find yourself in a big yard, you have gone too far). As you go along the track, there are polytunnels on your left, and big glasshouses, and a huge barn on your right, with a big polytunnel in front of it. The near end of the huge barn is our veg collection area, and where we can make drinks (through a set of double glass doors). Keep going straight ahead along the track, and you will come to another big gate into a big field – that’s us!

Please keep the gate shut. We ask that parents keep an eye on their children on the field, and that children are always accompanied when not on the field. The only places that members have access to are the field, and the veg collection area unless told otherwise on a work morning.

Map to farm

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Q. Where do I find the toilets?

The toilets are located over in the Garden Organic part of the site. To get there look for the walk through between the old house at the far end of the walled yard from the barn and the newer green roofed offices.  Once you go through there you will be in an open area with buildings around it, go diagonally across the area  and head down the side of the conference rooms till you get to a gate which leads into the gardens behind the big main building.  This gate says No Public access, as long as you are only using it to access the toilets it is OK to go through. The gate can stick a bit so push hard. Toilets are on your right as soon as you get through the gate.

Q. Can I make drinks when visiting the farm?

We have a small kitchen area in the veg collection room, and a couple of kettles. There are some tea bags, coffee and sugar available for general use – please help yourself to things labelled ‘For everyone to use’, but please respect the fact that some people work here regularly so will have their own food and drinks around. Please wash up when you have finished!