Who’s Who

So who are we?  Well in some ways the farm is all of us who are members however the formal structure of the company is that a steering group of volunteers meet on a regular basis to make the decisions about how the farm will run. They also do most of the publicity work, organising socials and so on. We employ a main grower and then a second part-time grower or casual staff as needed in the summer.  The only other paid position is admin for a few hours a week.

Five Acre Community Farm is run as part of a company called South Warwickshire Local Foods CIC, currently the farm is the only project being run by the company however in the past SWLF has run various projects helping to encourage local food production and supply. SWLF has three directors who are listed below.

The company is a CIC (Community Interest Company) which is partway between a commercial company and a charity. We run the farm as a none profit organisation which means we pay staff and overheads as needed but any profit goes back into the company not to the directors.

140419 IMG_2689Becca Steveson
Our main grower Becca does the vast majority of the growing as well as planning what we will grow and where it will grow each year.  She is the one you are most likely to met if you pop over to a work morning. She also does the occasional talk for groups, works with CAWR at Cov Uni on research and co-hosts our podcast !

140613 IMG_2942

Gareth Davies

Director, Financial officer and often a grower.  Gareth set up South Warwickshire Local Food CIC and was the person who got the rest of us together to start this project in the first place.

10499531_10152624035299314_4142408220782064892_oEsther Reeves

Director and Administrator

I am the one who normally answers your emails or phone calls. I’m responsible for the day to day admin of the farm as well as most of the on-line stuff such as the website and facebook. I also produce our podcast which I host along with Becca and sometimes my son.

I have always been interested in sustainable living, I am equally interested in traditional skills and how technology can be used in a responsible and beneficial way.  I spent part of my childhood on a smallholding but I’m probably more experienced with animals than plants and we don’t have any animals on the farm!

130228 IMGP2050Jo Rathbone
Meeting secretary

Jo: has lived in Coventry for getting on for 30yrs, and been active in campaigning on things such as Third World debt and trade justice, as well as environmental issues. Her main job is in social work, and she feels that FACF is great to be involved with in her spare time, as it is part of the answer! She loves coming out to the farm to enjoy the big field and big sky! And also because she doesn’t have to think about it, just follow instructions!

DSCN1048Rachel Adshead

Rachel, gingerish hair and slightly crazed look in her eyes, enjoys 5 Acre Farm completely. When she isn’t busy teaching or playing with her own children she can be found driving around, very slowly, in her ancient camper van, picking apples, swimming or cooking up concoctions of vegetable stir-fries / curries / stews and other assorted variations on the vegetable theme.  Rachel has been involved with the farm nearly from the beginning and joined the steering committee in a moment of madness sometime later which led  a number of peculiar activities on the field including the birth of  a host of scarecrows, barbeques, clay monsters and stories which wring soup from stones to name a few.  All very odd but then when you meet her, you’ll begin to understand. She is involved with the farm because it makes her smile and provides a constant supply of free mud to pop under her finger nails.

Ann Coomber
Steering group member with a special interest in supporting members in Rugby.

Work shares

Work shares are people who commit to volunteering for a few hours every week, they mean we know we will have enough hands for harvesting and such like even if no-one else comes to volunteer.   We think it is only fair that if someone comes and helps on such a regular basis that they should get their veg for free. There are limited number of work shares available but if you are interested contact our grower.