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Onion Planting Day

About 40 of us gathered on Saturday 6 April 2013 for the most wonderful day on the field. The sun encouraged us to take off some of our layers, in which we have been living through this bitter winter/early spring, and we got our green gym exercise in the lovely fresh air. We sowed 3 different types of onions: two white onions and a red onion variety, and have our own experiment up and running: some onions were planted under a ground cover, and some just in the open ground. The ground cover is a big sheet of woven black plastic, into which holes were burnt with a blowtorch, and the onions planted through the holes. The plastic was dug in, to prevent it blowing away, and the idea is that it keeps out the light and prevents the weeds from growing.

We spent a fair bit of time last summer weeding the beds, so anything which reduces the amount of weeding we have to do is a bonus! We’ll see how the onions fare, both under the ground cover, and without it.

Our first social of the spring was a fantastic bring & share lunch on the field (amazing that for all our socials on the farm we have had perfect weather!), with all sorts of interesting things to eat, and a barbecue creating appetising aromas as we came off the field. There were lots of youngsters around, enjoying a bit of freedom to run around the field, and then a bit of construction work in the afternoon, as they created an insect hotel. Rachel, one of our ‘workshares’ (she commits to working on the farm every Friday morning) and on our steering group, had been working hard to collect together all sorts of different sized twigs, branches, teasels  logs, canes… you name it… all to provide a varied set of homes for our pollinators. Its all very well planting veg, but some of that veg needs pollinating! And so we need to encourage them to live near! The insect hotel was topped off with some nasturtium seeds planted on the top. Come the summer, it will be abuzz!

It was a delightful day, with many folks coming to the farm for the first time, to find out who we are and what we do. We love to have visitors, as we are so excited about the benefits of building a community around something so basic and so crucial as growing our own food. Come and find out for yourself! Saturday mornings between 10am and 1pm are the ideal time to come.

Thanks to Kevin for this video showing the highlights of the day…

Our First Members’ Meeting

So, it’s been over twelve months since the Transition Coventry meeting when we first discussed the idea of setting up a community farm at Garden Organic. Since then we’ve formed a steering team, had three launch meetings, employed a grower, sown seeds, harvested vegetables, met hundreds of fantastic people and lots more besides! It has been a fantastic year and we are so grateful to absolutely everyone who has helped us get to where we are today.

To celebrate our achievements and find out what our members think of what we are doing, we held our very first members’ meeting on 30th January at Queen’s Road Baptist Church in Coventry.

Over thirty members of the farm came along and heard about growing, membership, finance, marketing, our website, social events and plans for the social area. There was lots of useful feedback and ideas from the surveys we handed out and the questions posed to members in the break. The meeting finished with a question and answer session and, finally, a celebratory drink in the pub!

Celebrating our first members' meeting

Thanks to everyone for coming along and making the evening a success.  We are working through all of the ideas and suggestions to look for ways to implement them.

Here are links to the  documents from the evening, and the responses we received:

Main presentation

Social area presentation


Feedback from questionnaires