Welcome to Five Acre Community Farm!

We are an organic vegetable farm founded in early 2012. We are based at Garden Organic in Ryton, between Coventry and Rugby.

We are a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme. This means we run as a partnership between growers/farmers and the local community. So rather than the farmer growing the veg and then hoping someone wants to buy it once it is grown we support each other, farmer and customers, so we all benefit. The farmer gets a regular income and the rest of us get great fresh, local, seasonal veg.

We are also a community and have regular social events such as bring and share meals, scarecrow building sessions and film shows as well as twice weekly work mornings for anyone who fancies helping out. Everything is optional though, each person chooses how much to get involved.

Our farm is run by a steering group of local people who do the admin and organisation. We also employ Becca, our grower, and many of our members also get involved running the farm either in the field or in other ways such as doing admin or running stalls at local events.

You can join us as a social member (no veg, just the social bits) or as a veg share which means you commit to paying a regular amount in return for veg each week. You can find out more about veg shares here. You are always welcome to turn up on a work morning (Saturday and Tuesday 10am to 1pm) to find out more.

Here is a video introduction to the farm:

Coverage on Midlands Today: