This summer on the farm

aberginesWe have had a good summer on the farm, with help from a regular team of volunteers, though we can always use more, Julie working part-time with Becca and a work experience student from France. We will be looking to get more work experience students next year as it worked so well..

The new polytunnels and biodegrable mulch sheets on the field have both helped improve the crops and many varieties have cropped very well this year. For instance we have already harvested 100kg more tomatoes than last year, double the amount of aubergines, more cucumbers which are bigger, double the weight of turnips, carrots in tunnel: last yr 193kg, this yr 264kg. Broad beans: last yr 120kg, 180kg this year.

polytunnelWe have harvested 1.8 tons of potatoes so far this year compared with 2.4 tons last year BUT we are only halfway through. We have so many storable veg we have run out of space and need to rejig the storage to cope !

Not everything has grown as well however, the courgettes have struggled more but we should have some good squash and a couple of new and interesting types of Kale are growing well for a little later in the year. We will shortly be planting the polytunnels with winter crops including salad leaves, oriental greens, cornsalad, winter purslane, rocket, spinach, spring onions etc

We hope you have enjoyed the veg this summer and as always if you have any questions or suggestions just email us ( or talked to Becca on the farm.

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