Growing the local CSA family

Local CSA map

Last weekend was the CSA Network AGM up near Newcastle, there was a wide range of people from different places and backgrounds. Some from established CSAs, others looking to start one but we all shared a passion for more local, sustainable, ecologically sound food production. We discussed several different areas of running CSAs from how to use social media to what sort of company structure as well as visiting Gibside CSA which is based on National Trust land. They run somewhat differently than us including using agroforestry ie growing veg between rows of trees partly because their main growing area is on top of a hill and so quite windswept.

We will cover the AGM more in a future podcast.

Back here and on Monday the first meeting to organise a new CSA in Warwickshire was held. As you can see on the map the farm will be sited between Dunchurch and Stockton. Its provisional name is Broadwell Turn Farm as it sits on the turn to Broadwell.

This new farm needs a new team to run it, while we hope to have a close and supportive relationship with the new farm the Five Acre Farm team are not going to run it. This will be the first farm in the area set up totally from scratch, as such it needs a wide range of people with a variety of skills including planning, fund raising, community connections, ideas for publicity and even making tea. If you think you can help or even just want to be on the mailing list to get updates please email

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