Covid 19 Action Plan

We will update this as regularly as possible as things change.

Our basic policy is below.
We have made the following practical changes over and above the general ones below to implement that policy.

1) Veg collections are now every 2 weeks and all produce is bagged in advance of collection.

2) Harvest teams and packing teams are separate to keep contact between groups as low as possible and to keep each group as small as possible. The 2m rule is observed as much as humanly possible.

3) Both teams wear gloves when handling the produce so in general, only two people have touched most veg and sometimes only one for stored veg and at all times gloves will have been worn.

4) A collection time spreadsheet has been implemented so everyone has thier own collection slot and only one family at a time is allowed in the collection room. Everyone is asked to wash their hands before entering even when only collecting a bag of veg,

How we are approaching the Covid 19 situation.

  • The Five Acre steering group keeps on contact via email and other means and will keep up to date on current advice to determine changes to the level of risk and assess all new information.
  • We will consider a range of risk which will include medical, social, emotional, financial and reputational threats to members of the farm and the business.
  • We will only act on credible, verifiable information and evidence, not hearsay or rumour.  The farm will follow the directives of the UK Government and all official agencies.
  • The safety and well-being of our members and staff and volunteers will be our paramount consideration in all decisions and mitigation strategies.
  • All changes to normal operation will first be considered in light of the impact on members, volunteers and staff before being implemented.

At this current time, we are implementing the following.

  • We ask that everyone visiting the collection room wash their hands on entering and before collecting any veg using the new standpipe and soap (ie tap on a stick) we have put outside.
  • All staff and volunteers are asked to wash their hands on arrival, when returning from the field or other work areas, before eating and at any other sensible point in the day.
  • Any staff or volunteer who has any symptoms which are being defined as potentially Covid 19  to refrain from working at the farm in line with government self-isolation rules.
  • We consider most of the work we do to be low risk as it is outdoors and either working alone or in very small groups. If needed we can separate out work mornings so each person works at a distance to others. The main infection risk is break time, however, at this current point in time, it is still a very minor risk compared to most work environments, but we will be looking to implement staggered break times to limit contact where practical.
  • We are planning in case any staff member becomes ill or needs to self isolate and how we will cover the growing particularly in this situation.
  • We are a community and we see this as a time to pull together and consider all those within our community especially those who may be at more risk.

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