Back to weekly collections

Social distancing gnomes, 2m between where you collect your veg and start of the staff break area.

As we head into the new summer veg season we have made the decision to change back to weekly collections and members packing their own veg.

The main reason for this is that we have to harvest much more frequently in the summer as everything is growing so much faster, I suspect you all want courgettes not marrows in your shares for instance!

With double the number of shares to pack and the fact the shares will be bigger, we just don’t feel able to guarantee the volunteer numbers to do this so our options were paid packers with the resultant increase in price to the share or going back to members packing their own veg. Safety is our first concern, and why we went to packing in the first place, but having had some time now to change our ways of working and time to look at the science the risk of contamination via food stuffs seems low.

Therefore we are going back to packing your own veg with the following restrictions.

1) Our harvesting team will continue to observe both social distancing, hand washing and disposable glove-wearing when handling veg such as packing salad leaves.

2) We require everyone entering the collection room to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap provided and to observe a minimum of 2m social distancing at all times.

3) Members to collect in their chosen timeslot to avoid queues and only one family at a time in the room.

4) Please do not rummage in the veg boxes, while your hands should be clean and free of virus if you have washed them properly we still ask that you have minimum contact with veg you are not taking home to protect others.

5) The ramp into the room is 2m long so please stand at least that far again away from the end of the ramp so people can come out of the room before you go in.

Veg collection on the left, staff break area on the right. 2m between Edward and Becca.

We have rejigged the room again. When you enter to get your veg you should turn left and stay within the U of tables where the veg will be laid out. You will find the Cog’s self-service area and the eggs and honey are behind the door as you come in where the big weighing scale used to be. The weighing scale and anything to do with staff and volunteer break times have been moved around so that in wet weather they can still be safely accessed if someone is collecting veg.

Collection area which has been turned 90 degrees compared to how it was before lockdown allowing us to divide the room into two much more.
Break area, safely away from the collection area and with plenty of clear floor space for getting to the kitchen and bringing in the harvest for weighing etc.

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