Join Us!


There are 2 types of membership, social and veg share.  Social membership is for anyone who wants to support us but does not want veg for whatever reason.

Veg share members get a share of the harvest each week of the year, except for two weeks over Christmas and New Year when we are closed.

We offer a 4 week trial veg share membership for a one off payment as we think this is a good introduction to how the farm works without committing to anything longer term. Longer term members pay by monthly standing order.

Because you are getting a share of the available harvest each week this does mean the size and content of the share varies over the year for instance you will almost certainly get more in the middle of the summer than in April/May which is what is called the hungry gap, the time where winter veg has finished and the summer is just getting started. Every year is different, depending on the weather, pests etc.

Cost of membership is as follows

Social membership £2/ month.  Supports the farm without veg.

Veg Share four week trial membership – 

small share £38, large share £60

Veg Share monthly membership – membership includes veg each week.

Small share – £38/month

Large Share –  £60/month

Please contact us on for application forms and more details.