Vegetable shares

A veg share is quite literally a share of the harvest. When you join the farm as a veg share member you are committing to a regular payment which goes towards the costs for running a farm, buying seeds, paying our grower and so on. In return you get a share of whatever is ready to harvest that week.

Unlike a veg box scheme where you get veg to the value of your weekly payment each week here you get a share of what grows so if things grow really well you get more, if we have problems you get a little less but overall we believe you will find it is good value for money and has lots of other benefits too such as extremely fresh veg, being able to see and even join in the growing as well as social events and activities.

Our prices reflect the real costs of growing in the current climate (both economic and environmental). What we are doing here is providing an alternative to a system which is dependent on low wages and damaging to the environment. Instead we are

  • looking after the soil, the local environment and the climate.
  • creating employment.
  • ensuring growing skills are valued now and for the future.
  • taking back control of how we want our veg grown.
  • not paying profits to others but creating community benefits.

We are part of the answer to a broken global agricultural system.

A large share is £82.50 per month for the veg including £2 a month membership fee. This is aimed at families.

A medium share is £51.50 per month. This is more suited to one or two people.

A small share is £38 per month. This is enough for single person.

The Hungry Gap (May/June)

The Hungry gap is the time between when the winter veg starts to run out and the summer veg is ready to harvest, traditionally it’s the hardest time to keep everyone fed in this country.  It’s a time when people would harvest wild greens which we no longer tend to eat because they needed to, though actually some of them are packed full of good nutrients such as nettles, dandelions or cleavers (sticky weed).

Our growers spend a lot of time planning things to fill this gap and the polytunnels help a lot but we are always dependent on the weather because that affects how long winter stuff holds on before it bolts or starts to sprout in storage and how fast the summer crops get going. This is when we have the smallest shares of the year but they are balanced by the bumper shares we have at some other times of the year.

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